Gain Productivity from the Cloud

You Must Think Outside the Box to Gain Productivity from the Cloud

In Cloud, Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Productivity, Strategy by Tim Miller

People-Systems-ProcessYour business is probably just like every other business that wants to gain productivity from the cloud. And by shifting some key functions like email, accounting and data management to the cloud you will achieve a certain level of improvement without doing anything else.

But a word of warning. Every flourishing and growing business is doing this already so to gain an advantage you must do more. By the way if yours isn’t you are way behind the 8 ball and need to strategise with us now!

How do you gain Productivity from the Cloud?

Businesses are not just Systems. They are also made up of People and Processes. If you change systems with out changing the other two then you are missing a major part of the circle. Imagine installing a new machine in a factory, but not actually changing your production line to use its full capacity, or training your staff how to use it? How much gain do you see? The new machine will never be used to its full potential.

Cloud apps, systems and software are engineered with one of a few major design principles in mind that are there to be taken advantage of. Most likely one of these features is a key reason to move your business to the product:

  • ease of install – web based and app based systems
  • mobility – use it anywhere
  • integration – connectivity to other systems
  • collaboration – work simultaneously on the same document and remove version management (source of truth) issues.

But these are just the starting point. These are the key features that cause you to invest in the product or application, but if you don’t change your processes and train your staff you will never leverage the power of these features.

And that is where most businesses stop.

If you want your business to really be able to leverage technology to gain productivity from the cloud then talk to us about how to properly use it. This includes reviewing your existing processes and thinking lean. What are the non value added processes we can remove?

  • Housekeeping – 5S
  • Optimise the Total Process Flow
  • Optimise Individual Processes
  • Quality at Source

Moving to the cloud is not the solution, it is just a tool that must be leverage to truly gain an edge over your competitors.

So think outside the box today and contact us to learn how you can gain productivity from the cloud.