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We recently presented to a business group on What a Digital Strategy is, why it is important to have one and the common mistakes to avoid.
Here is the presentation on Slideshare.

Have you heard of Office 365? If not you are probably living under a luddite bush as the advertising is everywhere. From popping up in Skype (now owned by Microsoft) and being named sponsor for the recent V8 imageSupercar Tasmanian Round (in Australia) to TV spots and Billboards as well as YouTube Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft's big bold new direction.

Microsoft’s vision in the 80s was “A PC in every home”

Today it is “A continuous cloud service for every person every device and every business” Kevin Turner - Microsoft COO, WPC10

With business users now often having more powerful PCs at home then on their desktops large businesses are often lagging behind. In the past small business was given the crumbs from Enterprises table. Now the tables have well and truly turned. With Office 365, Microsoft have created the opportunity for agile small businesses to utilise the power of cloud computing and enterprise level IT architecture for a fraction of the cost on a monthly subscription.

Lets go through the benefits and features.

  • Access email anywhere on any device – using Exchange as the backend for email management and storage
  • Shared calendars and out of office messages (not available in standard Outlook)
  • Share documents with version control and security management to people in and outside your organisation
  • Full High Definition video conferencing

We have been working with Office 365 for a long time (from long before it was marketed as that) and are busy installing it in many of our customers organisations.

Here is a slide show presented recently to a small business network group.


turbochargeDo you have all the sales you want?  Not many businesses do.  That’s why people join networks such as MBN.

Now, in an Exclusive Workshop, Dr. Ian Hodge will show you exactly

  • How a network organization can be a powerful referral organization for your business
  • How to develop a specific referral program for your business
  • How to cost your referral program to improve your bottom line

Dr. Ian Hodge

“Turbo-Charge Your Business”

Monday, April 15, 5:00 - 9:00 pm 

Narangba Community Centre, 229 Mackie Road, Narangba

Telephone: 0452 300 053

ONLY 10 seats available.  Register Now!

time-for-changeIs your business providing the financial freedom, independent lifestyle that you once dreamed about?

If not, it’s because the management practices inside your business are letting you down.

At Jethro Management we specialize in management practices.  We take each business apart, piece by piece, and then put it back together again.  Of course, if your business is Humpty Dumpty then we can’t help.

But . . . Do you know what needs fixing or improving in your business?  If you did, you’d make the necessary changes and be on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

So many people get confused in business.  They don’t know their break even, their gross or net profit on a sale by sale basis.  And then they are surprised when they don’t make money.

Jethro Management provides a way that opens up a whole new pathway to financial freedom for those seeking that independent lifestyle and financial freedom.

We’ll help you identify what’s missing in your business, then show you exactly how to make the necessary changes to improve your bottom line.

You know . . . Life is a journey.  So why not make it a highly profitable journey.

Jethro Management - improving life's journey.

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I learnt some points that enable me to look at my business in the (way) that will improve my bottom line. Thanks Tim and Ian.

Free Business Seminar Feedback Nov 2012

— Roland - Financial Advisor